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The video mobile portal www.mi-tu.it  is a VAS ( valued added service) , marshup made freely following the inspirations of web 2.0. The domain www.mi-tu.it  is  Housing with Aruba Spa, Piazza Garibaldi 8, 52010 (AR).


Mi-Tu don't have investments in any other website ( the domain www.tu-mi.it is only a test farm ), service, forums, blogs, or discussion group on the network,Mi-Tu is present exclusively in the social networks that are linked to video mobile portal.

All files and texts published on this site are original electronic documents updated intermittently and not marked by a head. The preparation of Mi-Tu has no physical location as all the material in the site 'available at no charge and is provided free to the same preparation, for publication through the medium of e-mail, through web forms and / or so anyway and only electronically.

This website is not  a newspaper,the web site is not a web tv with real time streaming, the web site is a mobil video portal and it's updated sporadically (subject to availability' updates and material) on general topics with individual interventions. It 's also incomplete a work in progress. Can not  therefore be considered an editorial product under Law no. 62 of 7/3/2001, for which the 2 nd paragraph excludes obligations under Law 47/1948. The registration at the court of the head is not 'so required, neither the registration of the authors as a journalist.

All trademarks and / or logos and / or product names and / or links used on this site are the property 'of their respective owners, mentioned only for information and / or explanatory and for the benefit of the holder and are operated with the sole purpose to facilitate and enhance dialogue between citizens and institutions without intent, even implicitly, of a breach of copyright and / or applicable laws, therefore, Mi-Tu have no right on them.

The owners of trademarks and / or logos and / or product names and / or links used on Mi-Tu have the right to remove at any time your brand or logo or product name, or links, or photos or video writing an e-mail to:


We also inform you that according to Art. 5 of Law No 22 April 1941. 633 on the protection of copyright, the official acts of state and public administrations, whether Italian or foreign, are not covered by copyright.

Access to and use of video content and mobile portal for free and at your own risk and peril of those who use it, to inform about the presence of risks in using the Internet in general, please note that Mi-Tu is not assumes no responsibility, direct or indirect, relating to information, services, content, included in this site or accessible through it.

The documents published as an official character , all information contained in this website are solely for discussion for the citizen and NOT in any way constitute an offer or advice or disclosure of such journalism.

That said, however, Mi-Tu is committed to publish under each video denials about any inaccuracies on the contents or themes suggested by the public to treat surfer, further undertakes to give right of reply on the issues dealt with anyone who requests it through ' send mail to


If the public Internet users it finds violations of copyright in the videos that are published (as a signed model release that are charged to the owners of videos that they will answer in legal terms), these violations can be reported via an email to
info@mi-tu.it  bearing the subject "Notification of copyright infringement" and videos about such notification will be removed from the video mobile portal.

We specify further that the fact that a link, or the name of Mi-Tu, which appeared as a result of a search engine, along with another link or name does not imply that the two sites are somehow connected. Unfortunately, "Mi-Tu" is a very general term that could potentially be confused with other services not related to an Mi-Tu.

Specifically Mi-Tu do not have investments in any other website, service, forums, blogs, or discussion group on the network, especially Mi-Tu is not involved in any paid service for users.

Mi-Tu is a site, absolutely free for its users: it works with any service online / offline / phone, does not sell information, sell subscriptions, no charges in any way any kind of service does not work with any telephone operator.

We are in no way responsible for any possible wrong information, or problems related to the use of information and material freely downloadable on this site, or on any other server or site, indicated and / or connected. Therefore those who know all this information, also enters the site, can not 'turn to us for any damages under Article .1229 cc, art.2598 c.1, art.1 Marks Act, and any other applicable law.

Mi-Tu manages the privacy of our visitors according to the principles of correctness, 'transparency and respecting the' Information on the processing of personal data under TU Privacy on January 1, 2004 (Legislative Decree n. 196/2003):
http://www.garanteprivacy.it info@mi-tu.it