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All users are required to carefully observe the Terms and Conditions of the Service provided, as indicated below, in order to use this site and to enjoy the services and products offered by the blog holder at http: // wwwu website .ti-mi.it and its external links, constituting the same integral and substantial part of the "Offer-Post" Module, the subscription of which is equivalent to a declaration of their full knowledge and acceptance.


The Internet Vas http://www.mi-tu.it and its related links, according to the terms and conditions of this Service Terms and Conditions (hereinafter also the "Contract"), provide an information and promotion service Of information services, advertising images and videos, distributed through the Vas and the website http://www.mi-tu.it and its external links (hereinafter referred to as "the service"). The physical person subscribing This contract (hereinafter referred to as "the User") declares that you wish to adhere to this service and to accept the terms governing it, as specified below. An updated copy of this contract is published on the website http: /www.mi-tu.it under the terms "Terms and Conditions" together with the "Offer-Post" form, of which they are an integral and substantial part.


This service allows private individuals and companies to read and search information about advertising and video images provided through the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it and its related links (hereinafter referred to as "the Service"). Through this service you will be able to see pages containing information sheets where the private individuals and / or the advertisers (Clients) of http://www.mi-tu.it will be able to advertise their activity, even reading articles and other contents Information contained therein. Back to registration and acceptance of specific Terms and Conditions of Use you may also participate in other services offered through this site, such as newsletters, online and / or other forums. To use the Service, you must Get access to the Internet, read and understand the netiquette.


You are required to use the service in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of the Service and in accordance with the netiquette of the Internet.

3.1 Purpose of service

The service is born exclusively to meet exclusively the needs of consultation of users visiting the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it, to facilitate the request for information to individual operators. Service users.

3.2 Data uploaded to the Vas

In such cases, the User acknowledges that all information, data, images, messages or any other material ("User Content"), Will be accessible in the sole and exclusive responsibility of the source from which such Content comes. This means that the User is the sole and exclusive responsible for any Content that is uploaded and / or published or disseminated through the Service offered, as the holder of the Vas is not required to control the Content of the User transmitted or disseminated through the Service, and therefore does not guarantee veracity and fairness. In any case, the Vas holder may be held responsible for such content and, as a mere example, for any errors and / or omissions in the content, or for any damages As a result of the use of retrieved content, sent by e-mail or otherwise transmitted or disseminated through the Service.

3.3 Publish comments and submit requests

Every time a visitor to the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it wants to contact a http://www.mi-tu.it advertiser for more information or write a comment on the "write a Comment ", an electronic message is generated..

The Vas maintainer makes no prior checking of the content of such messages nor verifies the sender's identity or the correctness of their email address, nor does it respond to any comments or messages that contain offensive content, defamatory and / Or advertisements and the User declares that the Vas Holder and the link from any such liability are liable. The User, by adhering to the Service, declares to accept the flow of comments generated through the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it/ is monitored by the Vas holder only for statistical purposes or to verify that no misuse or inappropriate use of the service is being performed that could result in harm to the Users or the same Holder. The User agrees and agrees that the Tenant Of the Vas and any links specifically created and linked may not in any way be held responsible for the deletion or Incorrect storage of any message, communication, or other content maintained or transmitted through the Service.


You agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions of Use and in particular not to use the Service for:

a) Publish, or otherwise transmit or disseminate content that is violent, illicit, illiberal, harassing, defamatory and / or slanderous, vulgar, obscene, harmless to the privacy of others, racists, minor or otherwise reprehensible, Inside your own Personal Page;

b) To falsify your identity by submitting to lies;

c) Upload, publish, email or otherwise transmit or distribute a content that does not have the right to transmit, disseminate or publish any Content that infringes patents, trademarks, secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights Industrial and / or intellectuals of third parties;

d) Send by email or otherwise transmit or disseminate advertising, promotional material, promotional emails or any other form of unauthorized or unsuccessful solicitation;

i) Transmit or upload viruses or other codes, files or programs created to stop, destroy, or limit the functioning of the software, hardware of the Vas holder and of the site or third parties;

e) Collect or store personal data of other users or Vas Users and the Site, without their explicit consent.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, insert into framing, resell, and in any case not exploit the Service or any part thereof for commercial purposes, as well as use or access to the Service. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Vasger and links created and linked by him / her will have the right to store personal data and content and to disclose them to third parties (such as computer companies or telecommunications) for the purpose of performing the Service, To administer the User account or when required to: comply with legal procedures; In particular by reserving the right to intervene in the event of legal arguments raised about the above points. The Vasger and the links created by him / her and linked thereto reserves the discretionary right to verify the content of the requests in advance and then refuse, modify Or remove and / or not publish any content that violates the foregoing prohibitions, in particular excluding content from the supply of petroleum, drugs, prostitution, pornography of any kind, erotic chat, adult dating sites, Politics, Religion, Gossip, Weapons, War, Homophobic Content, Discrimination of the Human Race, Equality between Man and Woman, Linked to Gambling and Online Betting, against Nature and / or Animals, favored or contiguous to any form of mafia, tyranny, etc., or any content considered to be inconsistent with the editorial policies of the Vas.

The User acknowledges and agrees that the Vas holder and links created and linked by him may, in their sole and exclusive discretion and without notice, deactivate the User's password and account or terminate the use of the Service; Remove or decline the dissemination of a Content within the Service especially if there is only one occurrence, one of the above behaviors in violation of these Terms of Service; As well as close the Vas without any notice.


5.1 Limitations on use

The User acknowledges that the Vasger and links created and linked by him / her will be able to establish general rules and limits regarding the use of the Service, including, but not limited to, the maximum number of characters of texts, images or comments that can be published , The maximum disk space that can be attributed to the User on the Vas and Site Holder servers, as well as the number of times (and the maximum length of each of them) where the User can access the Service for a given period of time.

5.2 Advertisers and external links

There may be various external advertisers and / or links to third-party sites on the Vas, owned by the Tenant, subject to this service. The relationship or participation of the User with advertisers or sponsors found on or through the Service, including purchase, exchange of information, delivery or payment for goods or services, occurs exclusively between the User and the Customer, Advertiser without the Vas holder being part of the report. The User hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Vasger and links created by him / her will not be held liable for any damages or misconduct that may occur to the User due to such advertisements within the Service.

The Service or the users can provide links to other external sites or other web resources. The User agrees and agrees that the Vasger and links created by him / her and linked by him may in no way be held liable for the operation of such sites or external resources, nor is he required to control it and is therefore in no way Responsible for the content and advertising published on such sites or external resources or for the products or services offered or negotiated there. The User agrees and agrees that the Vasger and the links created and linked by him are in no way responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damages reported by the User in relation to such sites.


6.1 Logos and Trademarks

The logo of http://www.mi-tu.it is the sole property of its owner, and the User agrees not to use it in any way without the prior consent of the holder. Places and Trademarks.

6.2 Copyright of the service

You acknowledge that the Service and any necessary software used in connection with the Service are protected by intellectual and industrial property laws. You also agree and agree that Content listed in Service areas and in Advertiser texts are protected by copyright, trademark, patents, or other proprietary rights. Except where expressly authorized by the Vas holder or advertisers, the User agrees not to modify or dispose of it in any way (whether for free or for a fee) or to distribute, distribute or create works based on , In whole or in part, on the contents, databases or any other derivative or part of the Service.

It is forbidden to use partial or total copies of the site and the information contained therein in a network or with a product, system, or application without the prior written consent of the holder of the Vas and the Site. It is expressly forbidden for any consultation, copy Or the whole or partial reproduction of the site for purposes other than those provided in this contract.

6.3 Copyright and rights of use of electronic pages

User Descriptive Electronic Pages requiring insertion, graphic text formatting, charts, and graphic effects belong to the Vas holder at http://www.mi-tu.it. Images and photos belong to the respective authors. In the case of photos taken by the Vas holder and the site, the latter holds exclusive copyright, nor can the User use such photos unless he has written written consent. Http://www.mi-tu.it respects the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of others. If it is considered that a work has been copied or "processed" by third parties within the Service in order to supplement a violation of the copyright laws, please provide the tenor with all possible information regarding the purpose To be able to intervene promptly by writing an email to info@mi-tu.it.


You acknowledge and expressly declare that:

a) Use of the Service is at its sole discretion. The affiliate of the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it assumes no responsibility with respect to its continued use and availability, to the cancellation, to the failure to deliver or to store any electronic communication or customization of the User, expressly excluding any warranty To the same extent as to the merchantability or fitness for particular purposes or the quality of the service.

b) The affiliate of the Vas and the Site http://www.mi-tu.it can not be held liable for its obligations and is not liable for damages or claims resulting from the failure to provide the service covered by this contract due to the incorrect or missing Operation of electronic communications media for causes outside the sphere of their foreseeable control, including, but not limited to, fire, natural disasters, lack of energy, unavailability of telephone lines or other network service providers , Malfunctions of servers and other electronic devices that are also not part of the Internet network, malfunction of installed software, computer viruses, hackers or other users with network access.

c) The affiliate of the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it will in no way be liable for any damages of any nature resulting from the use or misuse of the Service, unauthorized access or alteration of the transmissions or Of the User's data, from any third party's behavior.

d) The affiliate of the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it does not warrant that the Service will fully satisfy the needs and expectations of the User and that the results obtained by using the Service are correct, truthful and reliable and that any errors in the Software or content of the Service is identified and corrected.

e) The tenant of the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it may suspend the provision of the Service to ensure ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on service support equipment. In this case, the User acknowledges and agrees that he will not be entitled to claim any reduction in the fee.

f) The Vas http://www.mi-tu.it will be able to close permanently at any time without notice. Only in the case of contracts still in place may the contractor-user be reimbursed exclusively for the sums referred to the period from the same unused.

g) No reimbursement and / or compensation is provided for the case of early withdrawal, for any reason and / or reason, from the user-contractor.


You declare and warrant that you hold harmless the tenant of the Vas and the site http://www.mi-tu.it, as well as the persons associated with it and / or its representatives and / or employees as well as any of its partners from any claim for damages, including reasonable legal fees, which It may derive from the Content transmitted or sent by You, the use of the Service by the User, the User's connection to the Service, a violation of the rules governing its use, a breach of third party rights.


The information gathered by the Vasger at http://www.mi-tu.it and associates, directly or indirectly, to a specific User is collected and used in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 ("Code on Protection of personal data ")

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Code, the Website and Site Administrator at http://www.mi-tu.it informs that:

9.1. Data collected by the webmaster at http://www.mi-tu.it and / or provided by Users are also collected and used by the same by means of telematic tools and procedures, for directly related and instrumental purposes to the delivery and management of the Service and, upon the consent of the User and upon registration, for sending commercial information, market surveys, submission of advertising material related to the products and services offered here or to third parties advertisers.

9.2. Only after registration and prior informed consent of the User, you will be able to detect the quality of your services and the degree of satisfaction of users, performed either directly or with the collaboration of specialized companies.

9.3. When requested, the transfer of Personal Data is optional. However, the non-disclosure, even partial, of the data expressly indicated as necessary will result in the impossibility of proceeding with the provision of the Service.

9.4. Some data may be communicated by the Vasger at http://www.mi-tu.it for the purposes indicated above in points 1 and 2 also to third parties who are responsible for the performance of activities directly related to the provision and distribution Of the Services and, with the prior consent of the User, to third parties with whom agreements have also been entered into by partnerships to facilitate the dissemination and distribution of the Service.

9.5. The Code on the Protection of Personal Data gives the User the opportunity to exercise specific rights, including those obtainable by the holder of the Vas http://www.mi-tu.it, confirmation of the existence or not of their own Data and to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of the data processed or to oppose the treatment, for legitimate reasons, or to oppose, at any time, the treatments aimed at marketing and commercial information.

To enforce these rights, you may contact the Treatment Manager directly by writing to: info@mi-tu.it.

9.6. By reading these Terms and Conditions of Use you authorize the collection, communication and transfer of your personal data, to the subjects, within the limits and for the purposes stated in this information.


Any communication between the parties must be in writing and can be done either by electronic mail or by ordinary post. The webmaster at http://www.mi-tu.it may make communications regarding changes to these Terms and Conditions of the Service through email alerts and by posting the updated version in the user-reserved area. Terms and Conditions Of the Service and the relationships between the Vasger at http://www.mi-tu.it and the User are governed by Italian law. Any dispute arising out of or arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions of Use or use of the Service shall be solely the responsibility of the Milan Forum. These Terms of Service and the Terms of Service constitute the sole and exclusive agreement between the User and the Website Holder at http://www.mi-tu.it and govern the use of the Service. Should one or more of the provisions be declared invalid by the Competent Judge, the parties agree that the court shall in any case seek to maintain the effectiveness of the agreements between the parties as specified in this agreement and the other clauses will remain fully valid and effective All effects.

Please report any violation of these Terms and Conditions to the email address: info@mi-tu.it.

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