Ethical Code 道德准则


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Dear User, video, mobile portal is based on freedom of expression, trust, mutual respect, respect for the rule of law, moving within a shared a perimeter that is our city of Milan and a sensitivity and interests that unite us. If, however, during the use of the video portal have identified a media that you have reason to believe unlawful, inappropriate, offensive or vulgar report it immediately, so that we act quickly to be able to remove content. Remember though that your recommendations must be based on verifiable elements and from an identifiable person. In the absence of these requirements will not be able to intervene. For this reason, I invite you to make a careful and responsible use of this tool, avoiding any abuse.







                 Mi-Tu is a video mobile portal anti fascist. 

                 Mi-Tu 是视频移动门户反法西斯。

                Mi-Tu is a video mobile portal  that is not about politics.  

                Mi-Tu 移动门户网站是一个视频,是不是谈政治。


               Mi-Tu is a video mobile portal that believes in merit, the European Union in Italy.  

               Mi-Tu 移动门户网站是一个视频,相信在择优,欧盟在意大利

              Mi-Tu is a video mobile portal which believes that "All human beings are born free and equal in

             dignity and rights", recognize this principle "is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the


              Mi-Tu 移动门户网站是一个视频,认为“所有人类生而自由,在尊严和权利上一律平等”,承认这一原则“是



The management of the life cycle of a video is IN FIRST - LAST OUT. The most recent video is always more in the top of the page Palinsesto.htm or i.htm depending on a use wired or wireless. As these are as new content into their heads to the same pages and content before gradually go down more pages, then in the bottom center of the page then the page. This allows use of the multimedia content of the video portal with vertical frequency and horizontal timing, that is a moment of time (an event) becomes infinite in the frequency of use, the content can be hosted continually enjoyed forever. When the page Palinsesto.htm or e.htm has a number of content such that its performance degrades upload videos hosted by more time that can now be found at the bottom of the page are removed and are stored. This creates a video presentation of the semantic coherence within the same row, but between different lines often change topics. But in general, sports, culture, music, travel, new technology, social events and moments of collective life are all part of the perimeter civic shared, that our city Milan.

Enjoy and all your suggestion to improve our service we post here and valuable and appreciated.

视频生命周期的管理是第一 - 最后出来。最新的视频总是更取决于在使用有线或无线的页Palinsesto.htm的或i.htm的顶部的。由于这些都是新的内容到他们的头上,到相同的页面和内容,然后逐渐往下走更多的页面,然后在底部中心的网页,然后在页面。这允许使用多媒体内容的视频门户网站,垂直扫描频率和水平的时机,这是一个时刻的时间(事件)变得无限的使用频率,可以承载的内容永远持续享受。当页面的Palinsesto.htm或e.htm的内容,使得它的性能降低上传视频主办的更多的时间,现在可以发现在页面底部的将被删除,并存储有一个数。这将创建一个视频演示的语义在同一行,但不同行之间经常更改主题的连贯性。但在一般情况下,体育,文化,音乐,旅游,新技术,社交活动和集体生活的时刻都是外围公民共享的一部分,那我们的城市米兰

享受和您的所有建议,以改进我们的服务,我们发布 这里 和“有价值和赞赏。