Against All Odds

Against All Odds ( Storytelling)

We'll tell you the story of the projects, so you can get to know us a little better and for those who have the patience to get to the end there's the promotion that's currently underway ;-)


MUNICIPALITY OF MILAN CONTRIBUTIONS 0 EURO, LOMBARDY REGION CONTRIBUTIONS 0 EURO, ITALIAN GOVERNMENT CONTRIBUTIONS 0 EURO, EUROPEAN UNION CONTRIBUTIONS 0 EURO, 100% a self-financed project and 100% a made in Italy project which has resisted 3 years of Covid with its own means

WADEST MOMENTS: Covid, cancellations, refunds, people dying, my mother who passed away during the lockdown and we couldn't celebrate mass, when I fell into a coma . After I stopped crying and got back on my feet, I started investing in this business and we came out of the crisis much better than others, today we are even stronger and provide a better service.

MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS: many memories especially of the beginning which were special moments, but the ladies from Uzbekistan who gave me three boxes of chocolates are in my heart, I have entire noticeboards of certificates of affection.

( 2016 ) THOUGHT: Milan attracts 7.5 million tourists per year, around 20,500 per day, of which we could host 0.019% every day by offering accommodation services for a young segment, for a tourist who has of limited means, for student tourists, for commuters, for people who come to visit relatives at home or in hospital.





In the EU there are 25 million businesses of which 99% are SMEs which produce 56% of Europe's GDP GDP Europe = 14,500 billion euros (by 2021)

56% European GDP produced by businesses = 8,129 billion euros

Mi-Tu.it has 3450 ADV spaces --> 25,000,000 leads: 100 = 3450 ADV spaces available: x --> x= 0.014%

of 56% of EUROPEAN GDP we could target 0.014%, so we target to a potential target that generates 81.2 billion euros in Europe

all the companies in the target have a website and they all have to go somewhere to promote the services on the site :

  • 1. some of these excellences do not allocate an average annual budget between 5000 and 25000 euros like Google customers
  • 2. some of these companies are managed by old-fashioned people who feel WEB MARKETING is distant and words like USER EXPERIENCE, LEAD, ADVERTISING still make no sense to them
  • 3. others are managed by their children/grandchildren who, not having specific training in the marketing sector, remain oriented towards other types of NON-DIGITAL services (we receive paper flyers in the mailbox every day also from companies that target a target of only digital natives )
  • 4. others are simply managed by people from areas that still view American super players (Balkan countries or former communist nations) with a bit of distrust
  • 5. there are those who don't use the main American players and are looking for something else, because they believe that European money and European taxes should remain in Europe
  • 6. there are those who simply want to be hosted and/or linked where their competitor will never be able to be hosted and/or linked, there are those who want an exclusive service
  • 7. we understand that REPSPOL (Spanish) and T-MOBILE (German) choose for example FRANCE 2 (French) for their advertising, but a quality commercial activity that works in the beach establishment sector in Fuerte Ventura and/or in the beer sector artisans in the Black Forest who do not have the synergies to contact FRANCE 2 and need to make themselves known, perhaps also in Italy, because Italians love the playa and beer; as well as a quality company from Rho (Milan area) that makes PVC profiles that aspires to expand the business and would like to position its site on a carrier seen in Europe, ditto a restaurant, a hotel, a car dealership or other important entities in the SME context, which want to be able to choose something alternative to the main American players or to work alongside them to further segment their offer.
  • 8. there are those who really want something more exclusive than a solution (like the main American players) that is aimed at practically everyone, and this feeling is also rooted in the 1% of European non-SMEs, i.e. some of the large European groups , among large companies, some do not choose American players, precisely because they do not want their products to appear as the result of a search together with the products of their competitors and such searches to be indexed by algorithms. [If you create a pair of shoes that are already broken or already torn jeans, you are not interested in whether the product is correlated with a card that praises its efficiency, if the product costs more than 1000 euros and there are a limited number of samples you are not interested in the order by price button and not you are interested in appearing in a query that sorts by price and/or reliability of the material, YOU HAVE OTHER NEEDS that are not covered at the moment. Needs that you want to manage independently in your own space, probably SELF-MANAGED and the constant comparison with competitors with every search IS NOT EXCITING. There are multiple needs, some of which may not be covered by a large player due to their nature as a large player, but which can be managed by an underdog who creates a shop on his platform which then leads back to the parent company and/or directly sends you to the parent company, which knows very well what it is doing and why it is doing it.]
  • 9. the discussion we are carrying out concerns 99% of European SMEs, for a theme of accessibility and 1% of large European companies for a theme of exclusivity. Mi-Tu.it also receives contacts from viewers from Singapore, the USA, Russia, Korea ... etc ... and by remaining open to non-European realities, we are equipping ourselves to operate in a market that already exists here with us in Europe the MARKET for EUROPEAN DIGITAL large account users.


we believe in it and will continue to work carrying out our projects, simply as we address 0.019% of the Milanese tourist market every day, we are addressing 0.014% of the European Digital large account user market (we are not able to to calculate them, but they are also welcome)

You can TEST, TESTIMONY, be GUARANTEED and create a bond of TRUST and RECIPROCITY with us, follow the link and fill out the form thank you for the time you dedicated to us.

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